Do you want your marriage to look and feel exactly the way God designed it, Discover your Kingdom Purpose as a Unit, or Just Learn how to communicate in a way that removes all forms of offense and confusion?
Obi Ndu
Proverbs 4:7 says “…and with all thy getting, get understanding” ….
This is the source of Mr. Ndu’s power, he has been gifted with a unique ability to help you “get it”. Obinna Ndu is a Christian, a husband, a father, an entrepreneur, an author and a speaker/trainer! Obi has been training and enlightening both individuals and audiences for over 17 years! His accomplishments are numerous and his impact has affected the lives of tens of thousands seeking change in their lives. Obinna Ndu is no stranger to adversity, from being born in a 3rd world country to entering the workforce since age 11, Obi has understood for a long time the transformative power of knowledge. He believes “the thief in the alley is not the one to be concerned with, it’s the one in your mind you should watch out for” As a certified marriage counselor and co-author of numerous marriage programs, Mr. Ndu and his wife are laser focused on helping couples Join the “secret society of happy marriages”. Obi believes “100% of Marriages can work when done God’s way”
Belinda Ndu
Belinda Ndu is a christian, mother and wife to Obinna Ndu, as well as Co-Founder Of Covenant Marriages Academy. In this role, Belinda Ndu facilitates and coordinates programs, workshops, conferences and events to enable couples at all stages of their relationship to reach their fullest potential thru true surrender to God first, and second to each other.
No stranger to leading in the marriage and relationship arena. Mrs. Ndu worked diligently with her husband and together they created a 5 week relationship enrichment and restoration program accompanied by workbooks and an affirmation guide designed to restore and repair brokenness individually first, before working on your marriage. She has also written and co- authored the book titled “Just Because your mouth is moving doesn't mean you're communicating”, a book on communication designed to strategically help couples discover how the unspoken is actually what’s really running the relationship.
Belinda Ndu is also a certified marriage counselor through Marriage on the Rock and has helped countless couples renew and restore their marriage back to its honeymoon phase.
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